Anneli Auer, a beautiful lady persecuted by ugly people
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Anneli Auer

Last updated on 16.12.2013

Anneli Auer, a victim of injustice and persecution in Finland, – a country that prides itself to be the least corrupt in the world. Instead of receiving a fair trial, she has received a trial by the media.

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Anneli Auer is a widower mother of four beautiful children. Her husband Jukka Lahti was brutally murdered at their family home in December 2006. The high profile case is known in Finland as the Ulvila murder case.

Someone came through a glass door in the middle of the night, and killed her husband while she was making an emergency phone call. Her eldest daughter, then nine year’s old, saw the killer leave their home. The mother had been stabbed by the intruder through her breast, so that her lung was punctured.

This horrible incident changed the lives of this young family forever. Almost two years after the murder, the local Pori police changed their investigating officer, because they still had not been able to find the murderer after taking over 700 male DNA samples, and wrongfully arresting a local man for a week. In June 2013 it was revealed that the police had contaminated the DNA sample, that had been found in the murder scene. It may well be that the murderer escaped justice, because of the blunder.

Pauli Kuusiranta

Pauli Kuusiranta

The victim, Jukka Lahti

The victim, Jukka Lahti








The newly appointed investigating officer in 2008, Pauli Kuusiranta, had only one line of investigation; the widower mother must have been the perpetrator. The police decided to introduce an undercover officer to the widower’s life as a new prospective boyfriend. He found nothing incriminating, and reported back that Anneli Auer was a devoted good mother to her children.


The District Court of Satakunta found Anneli Auer guilty of the murder in June 2010, but the verdict was not unanimous. One of the judges felt that there was not enough evidence to convict the defendant. In May 2011 the Vaasa Appeals Court suddenly acquitted and released her. However, the prosecutors Jarmo Valkama and Kalle Kulmala were not happy. It appears that some other people were not happy either, mainly Anneli’s brother and his wife.

Only two months after Anneli’s release, the prosecutors received “new evidence” from Anneli’s brother, who has had the custody of her youngest three children with his wife since Anneli was first sent to prison. It turned out that the youngest children, now 7, 9 and 12 years old, were telling horror stories about their mother and their older sister to their uncle and his wife.

Suddenly, and so very conveniently for the prosecutors, the children had lots of horrible memories of events at home, that had allegedly taken place over five years ago when they were only 2, 4 and 7 years old, or even younger. These youngest three children stayed in their bedroom behind closed doors, when the horrific murder took place at their home. Now they seemed to know in detail exactly what was going on that unfortunate night.

These traumatised children had already lost their farther, and then their mother two year’s later, when she was arrested and wrongly sentenced for the murder. Their older sister moved to a children’s home, as she got constantly blamed for everything at their new foster home. Also Anneli was blamed to the youngest three, who by now must have been very afraid of their mother, the infamous “hostess of the house of horrors”. It must have been a shock for the children to hear that their mother was out of jail, and they would have to move back home with her. In their eyes mummy had killed farther, and had been put into prison for life by the police, – “who is never wrong in Finland”.

No one would believe the children’s horror stories of Satanic rituals and animal torture, that apparently took place every Sunday in their home (well, the prosecutor Valkama obviously did!). Much more serious material was required from the children by the prosecution. This was produced by using dubious interviewing methods with leading questions companied with encouraging and affirming comments. After some couching the children started telling that they had also been raped by their mother, and her ex-boyfriend. Both were arrested in September 2011, and wrongly convicted for long sentences in June 2012 for child sex abuse.

The Ulvila murder case has become a matter of reputation and prestige for the Pori police and the prosecutors. The newly appointed investigating officer Pauli Kuusiranta had boasted in the press that no homicide cases had been unsolved since the war time in Pori. He also boasted that the case was solved long before it had even been heard in the District Court.

Mikko Paatero has close ties to Pori police

Mikko Paatero has close ties to Pori police

Finland’s National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero, also from Satakunta area in Finland, had personally intervened in the Ulvila murder investigation in 2008, preventing it from being transferred to Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (KRP). Winning the high profile case, by what ever means, is their only concern. Justice and solving the murder is irrelevant.



Prosecutors Jarmo Valkama & Kalle Kulmala have read thousans of pages of murder case and child sex material

Prosecutors Jarmo Valkama & Kalle Kulmala have read thousands of pages of horror stories and child sex material


The Appeals Court for the false child sex abuse allegations started on 28 January 2013 behind closed doors, and ended on 17 April 2013. The verdict was given given on 27 June 2013. It was a devastating miscarriage of justice. Both lawyers for the defendants had said that they had been able to prove the innocence of the accused, but the judges ignored this and increased Anneli Auer’s sentence by six months. She has now 7,5 years and the Helsinki taxi driver 10 years. Both have appealed to the Supreme Court. The Appeals Court ruling was based on the prosecutor’s (secret) expert witness’ statements, and the concept of “general life experience”.

The expert witness statements of Finland’s most reputable academics of the field were completely ignored, as they were accused of “working for the defence”. The prosecutor’s own star expert witness was a deeply religious gynecologist who actually works for the police. She had experienced a strong religious calling after her own daughter was brutally murdered six months before Anneli’s children’s stories were presented to her. She examined Anneli’s children with UV light observing that the all the daughters were virgins. This did not mean anything to her because apparently hymens grow back, and the possibility that crime has taken place could never be ruled out, even if there was no evidence. The same doctor examined also the children’s skin with the UV light, finding numerous healed scratches, invisible for the naked eye. According to her these were scars and evidence of abuse.



During 2013 Anneli Auer has had to endure yet another round of the Ulvila murder trial, as well. This was the third time she’s was tried for the murder. Her fate was again in the hands of three District Court judges, who were to decide whether she murdered her husband, or not.

The prosecutor Valkama had managed to persuade the Supreme Court in May 2012 that “new evidence” provided by Anneli’s brother regarding her three youngest children had to be  presented in court. To the prosecutor, the children’s horror stories provided a motive for the murder. The horror stories included Satanic rituals, torturing and killing of animals, brutal violence against the children, their mother plotting the murder, rehearsing and executing it with the participation of their older sister, then 9 years old. The stories grew wilder and wilder each time the children were interviewed, culminating in horrific stories of rape and abuse. The Supreme Court decided to bounce the murder case back to square one, i.e. to District Court, so that the “new evidence” could be looked at.

The District Court’s new murder verdict was announced on 12 December 2013. Anneli Auer received again a life sentence by the judges voting 2-1. Again, one of the judges felt that it was not proved that there was no outsider assailant present when Anneli Auer made the emergency call.

Anneli’s youngest three children had told their uncle that their mother had pre-recorded the murder on a C-casette with their older sister, and played the tape back while on the phone, giving them more time to stage the murder scene and getting rid of evidence before the ambulance and police arrived. In the previous murder trials the prosecutor had tried to prove that Anneli had murdered her husband during the emergency call, leaving his oldest daughter on the phone. The FBI examined the emergency call recording, but found no evidence of pre-recording.

The District Court’s new guilty verdict has caused a heated public debate about the legal process that has lasted already five years, and cost millions of euros. The prosecutor changed his theory of the motive, and his theory of the chain of events, while the new murder trial was taking place. The Satanic ritual killing was watered down to mere domestic violence and shop lifting with the children, – of which there was no evidence either. In the end the District Court judges ignored the prosecutor’s “new evidence” provided by the child witnesses, and focussed on reassessing the old. This presents a problem, as there already is a prior verdict (acquitting Anneli) from the Appeals Court, based on the same old evidence.

To summarise, the “new evidence” extracted from Anneli Auer’s traumatised children was too unbelievable for the District Court judges to take seriously. The “new evidence” was ignored, and in this way the District Court’s guilty verdict bypassed the authority of the Appeals Court prior murder  judgement acquitting Anneli Auer. An other major contradiction is the fact that two courts in the alleged sex abuse case have already based their guilty verdicts on the same childrens’, same horror stories. It was done in secret trials behind closed doors.

The police and the the prosecutors kept repeating in the press for six months that the “new evidence” from Anneli’s children had nothing to do with the murder case. This turned out to be a complete lie, but it ensured two separate trials against Anneli, and a complete character assasination of the accused in the press.

Anneli Auer denies the charges made against her, and she will appeal to the Appeals Court. Her battle for justice continues.


During the new murder trial in Pori it was revealed that Anneli’s brother, currently unemployed, is receiving about € 9000 /month to look after her youngest children. He had purchased a €150 000 luxury cruiser, and a  €50 000 car just before Anneli was acquitted by the Appeals Court back in 2011. He took the children to the sea to avoid letting Anneli see them. During their long sea trip he and his wife video recorded the children telling the horror stories how their mother had murdered their dad together with their sister. The children used notes whilst telling their stories.

Anneli’s brother and his wife have estranged the fearful youngest children from their older sister, their mother, their grandmother and grandfather, and every relative. The children have no contact with anyone from their past.


Everything will be revealed in the blog posts. I am a sole person updating the blogs in two languages, so please bear with me.

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