Anneli Auer, a victim of corruption in Finland
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26/01/2015 at 10:35

Hi! Thank you very much for this blog. I live in France and yesterday i saw a programme on TV explaining the case of Anneli Auer… I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! There can be doubts, but no evidence that she killed whoever or that she mistreated her children… Plus they never investigated the evidences about the 3rd person! Poor lady! She is living hell on Earth! And then i think about all the people who are in jail, after unfair trials… And this happens in democratic countries!!! Our world id really sad!!! If you get to talk to Anneli, please tell her that she is not alone, that there are so many people believing in her innocence! Although she will never get back all the things she has lost…

    26/01/2015 at 12:56

    Thank you for your kindness Patricia! My friends in London have also been in total disbelief about Anneli’s and my brother’s story. The statements of Finland’s academically highest achieved and respected experts of the field of interviewing child witnesses have been totally ignored in the courts. Instead, the judges preferred the testimony of a religiously unstable gynaecologist, who works for the police and whose own daughter had been murdered 6 months prior. She testified that that she cannot rule out the possibility of a crime taken place, even though all Anneli’s three daughters were virgins, and had their hymens intact. According to her testimony the hymens grow back.

    This same doctor also examined the children’s skin with UV-light, and found proof of Satanism in the form of unexplained “scars” that form crosses upside down. These “scars” cannot be detected by naked eye, therefore no one else has ever seen them. No other doctor has been allowed to inspect, nor interview the children.